Why do Brokers partner with CBA?


We work with our client's carrier partners to ensure that rates, plans, and products are in line with the client's needs. Our relationships with carriers allow CBA to offer products to our partner's groups that many in the market are unable to provide.


We communicate with carriers, partners, employers, and employees to be sure that all parties are clear and up to date. We do this to maximize the experience.

‚ÄčTechnology Solutions

"If it ain't broke don't fix it" doesn't fly around CBA. We believe that "if it could be better, it might as well be broke". We leverage some of the best Benefits Administration, Payroll, and HR software in the industry to provide clients innovative "single source" solutions. Our in-house team understands how to design and build a solution that makes the communication of data easy for our clients.

Day-to-Day Support

We are here for your client every step of the way by assisting with all on-going employee related support such as new hire enrollments, claims, and life events. Our goal is to "delight" each client and their employee's with each interaction.

‚ÄčImplementation Support

On-boarding can be a daunting task for many, but not at CBA. Our experts have developed a process that makes the new client experience positive and exciting as we work together on changes together.